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Rides & Equestrian Journeys

You will discover the journey on horseback in the mountains. To guarantee you a quality experience, it is necessary to have the equivalent of a Gallop 4 of Full Nature and to have a good physical condition. In order to preserve our cavalry, we do not take no rider over 80kg.

Are you a beginner and want to practice outdoor riding in a unique setting and with respect for the horses?
Subscribe to our half-day of Initiation to Equestrian Awakening.

Several options of circuits and duration on the hikes that we offer throughout the year by reservation. 

Belloc all around

Half-day hike to the Hermitage du Belloch, overlooking the village of Dorres and offering a panorama of all of Cerdagne.



Discovering Cerdanya

One-day hike with picnic stop on the heights of Dorres. Lose yourself in nature with your horse.



Weekend a la Carte

Choose from several circuits in the French and Spanish Cerdanya for a weekend of local tourism on horseback.


from 270€

Escape in Cerdagne and Capcir

Short 3-day horseback riding trip towards the forests and lakes of Cerdagne and Capcir. 



Travel in the catalan Pyrenees 

A great 7-day trip to the Mediterranean Sea, a unique experience of seeing the different landscapes of the Cerdanian mountains all the way to the sea.



Ride with connection

Half day initiation - Spend half a day with us and our horses to learn our values ​​with career exercises and a short ride to finalize



sunset ride with dinner

On horseback or on foot accompanied by a pack horse, come and enjoy the last rays of sunshine during a country dinner at the top of Belloch de Dorres.
Activity lasting approximately 3 hours - Meal included



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