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David Landreville is a hoofcare practitioner dedicated to building hooves - not just trimming them. He teaches a method of shaping the hoof so that it aligns as closely as possible with the internal structures. This trim, over time, develops strong hooves and robust soft tissue. David also demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the whole horse, and focuses on communicating with the horse throughout the trimming process.

Clinic Format:

I trim 2-3 horses in the morning on each day. For the first horse participants are asked to watch my trimming and watch for the horse’s feedback closely, but to hold questions or comments until after the trimming is done. 
For the second and third horses participants are encouraged to watch and ask questions at anytime during the trim.
There are 4 participant horses in the afternoon on each day, so each owner will work with another participant in a team and have 3-4 hours to trim under my supervision.
I go from horse to horse. They are all in different areas in the same arena, or round pen, so I’m never very far away. Team members can work with their horses tied loosely, request someone hold their horse on a lead, or try trimming at liberty.  They can change their mind at any time.  
Team members have to talk with each other about what they think needs to be accomplished and agree on trim decisions before any trimming is done.  If they can’t reach an agreement then I will help. The owner of the horse has the final say. We do it this way to model how a healthy owner/farrier/vet relationship should function and to give horse owners practice without pressure on how to advocate for their horse.
There are unlimited time outs and I encourage trimming more conservatively so I have a little retained dead stuff to work with when I make the final adjustments.  There is no difference between my clinic trim and my at home trim.  I take responsibility for all the trims and I want all the horses to feel better when they leave than they did when they came in.

Other Information:

Start time is 9am both days - please arrive by 8:45am. Finishing time will vary, but is usually around 5pm. Please bring your trimming tools on Day Two, including sharpening equipment. Participants and auditors are welcome to participate in the tool sharpening session on Day Two.


Participants - please bring your trimming tools including sharpening equipment. Minimum tools required are a pair of nippers, a loop knife (or preferred knives), a rasp (preferably new) & a hoof pick. Feel free to bring any other tools that you use, stands, gloves, aprons etc. Power tools welcome, cordless preferred.

Auditors - please bring a loop knife & sharpening equipment if you would like to participate in the tool sharpening session after lunch each day.




Participants: 400 Euros

Auditors: 300 Euros

Places will be allocated in the order of applications received.are.

Your host will confirm if you have a place on the course and you will receive a PayPal invoice shortly thereafter. A deposit of €200 EUR is required to secure your position.

The rest of the price must be paid before 05/20/2023. Once it has been confirmed that you have a position, a PayPal invoice will be emailed to you from Please check your junk/spam folder if you cannot find the invoice. The invoice can be paid with a PayPal account or with a credit or debit card. If you are having difficulty, please contact your host. The deposit (50% of the fee) is due within 24 hours to secure your place in the clinic. The remaining fees are due one month before the clinic (or one month before the first clinic of the international rounds). We reserve the right to advertise positions to people on the waitlist if someone does not make full payment on time.

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The site is located in the village of Dorres (66760), a village known in the Pyrenees for its hot Roman baths. 

The village has several accommodation options in gites, we can organize your accommodation in its gites if you wish or you can search yourself on Airbnb, gites de France or the gites of the town hall on the site of the town hall of Dorres . 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help finding accommodation.

We will provide a field for you to put your tent, van, motorhome, etc. Access to the Dorres baths can be a good option for washing up. 



During the clinic we encourage all participants and auditors to ask questions. There is no such thing as a silly question. If you need something clarified or repeated, please let David know. We expect all participants & auditors to be patient and kind to the horses & to each other. Please allow space for everyone to have a voice.

Image de Spencer Davis


We will offer you meals and drinks on site if you wish.  


  Day 1: Breakfast + lunch  + evening meal    50 euros

Day 2: Breakfast + lunch                  30 euros

Book and confirm 3 weeks before the course.  

There is no restaurants on site, there is a Carrefour supermarket 15 minutes from the site.


If you book a cottage with kitchen you can organize your meals yourself. 



If your horse is going to travel with you for the course, we offer a meadow paddock with access to water and hay at will.  

We have parking for your van or truck.  


15 euros per day per horse

Important Information:

All payments are non-refundable unless the clinic is cancelled, in which case a full refund will be issued, less a 10% processing fee.


If you cannot attend for any reason, you can offer your place to the next person on the waiting list, and they will be responsible for buying you your place in the clinic. We reserve the right to advertise positions to people on the waitlist if someone does not make full payment on time. If there is no waiting list for your location, you will be responsible for finding someone to purchase your spot.


By submitting this application and paying the course fee, you acknowledge that interacting with horses carries inherent risk, and David and his team will not be held liable for any injuries to participants or horses. We expect all participants and listeners to be responsible for their own safety throughout the clinic and not to put anyone at risk.

Participants and listeners are encouraged to take photos throughout the clinic and keep them for personal use. We ask that there is no video by participants or listeners throughout the clinic.


Participants and listeners agree to appear in photos or videos taken by David or his team, which may be used in the future for commercial purposes. Please let David know at the start of the clinic if you do not wish to appear in any photos or videos.

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