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Principles of the Equestrian awareness School

1. Our best judge is our horse. That's why we put his physical and mental health first, regardless of what anyone else may say.


2. We take the necessary time and we appreciate the power of time and patience.


3. Our goal is to be open-minded, curious, patient and kind.


4. We understand that our improvement is the work of a lifetime.


5. We recognize our work, even if it is very light.


6. We do not use shortcuts, quick fixes, gadgets, restraints, or any other means of coercion.


7. We don't put competition goals on our horse's head.


8. We don't pull our horses.


9. We do not accept to ride with a horse in hyper-flexion or practicing Rollkur.


10. We understand that the horse's collection is not just a position of his head.


11. We understand that the collection is done when there is a change in weight from the forelimbs to the hindquarters.


12. We know that the horse has physiological needs that we must respect.


13. We believe in ground work, to build relaxation, partnership and connection.


14. We are proud to walk with our horse and every kilometer counts.


15. We know that to be a real horse person, everything starts with Love, Respect and Trust.


16. We understand the importance of riding our horse seeking long-term improvement in the health of our horse.


17. We believe that being a real horse person is an art form that develops lightness, gentleness and true connection.


18. We live in the present and remain emotionally neutral, with an open mind and a desire to understand.


19. We allow our horses to progress at their own pace.


20. We appreciate the difference between what the rider wants and what the horse needs.


21. We accept the fact that the horse has much more to teach us than we can ever teach him.


22. We know that the horse's body is mature at 5 and a half years, and that its back is the last part that develops. This affirms that we do not ride horses under 5 and a half years old.


23. We understand that old horses are not disposable and it is our responsibility to look after them for their last years.


24. We are aware that to develop properly in balance, time and   sensitivity, it can take years. 


25. We do not give nicknames or stereotypes to horses in relation to their gender, age, color or breed. We work with the horse in front of us and we leave all preconceptions at the door.


26. We're getting ready to quiet our heads so we can hear our horses. However, they speak very softly.


27. We understand that this is the work of a lifetime and we always put our horse first. 


28. We encourage each other in our individual development and value the friendships that will emerge during this journey.


29. We understand that horseshoes are not a durable solution that respects the physical integrity of the horse.


30. We understand that the bit is not a tool that respects the well-being and health of the horse. 




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