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Leila Pages - Stage 
Discover your inner freedom thanks to horses!

This course is for you if you want to:

• Putting the relationship first

• Learn to see the world through the eyes of the horse

• Develop an authentic, safe and serene relationship

• Learn to express yourself clearly, with respect and kindness

• Develop your ability to listen, discuss and explore your limits


• Be more independent with horses, develop your own tools


Leila Pages

Director of the equine documentary “Sans Attache” awarded at

New York, Leïla is also an adventure rider, trainer and

photographer. After traveling the world for

several years discovering other techniques

equestrian and approaches more respectful of the horse, it

helps humans today better understand the world

horses and get to know themselves better.




During the courses, you will learn to observe and understand the behavior of your

horse to develop your communication with him. You can experience and

develop your skills to exchange serenely with him.

During the course, we will have sessions of theoretical explanations and

exchanges to better target your needs, relaxation exercises then sessions

individual and in groups with your horse on foot, in a halter or in freedom.

All exercises are designed to be adaptable to each individual and their needs, and

respect everyone's pace. Group dynamics are highlighted to enrich the

experience sharing course. If you wish, you can choose one or more

specific themes below, or communicate with Leïla if you wish to give a

orientation specific to the course.

During the course, we will discuss how to:

• Learn to get out of the method and listen to your intuition

• Find your balance between know-how and know-how

• Better understand the emotional language of horses and ours

• Trust each other

• Develop your inner feelings for a stronger connection

• Discover emotional management tools

• Be more autonomous, develop your own tools



Practical information:

Number of participants :5 min / 6 max

You have the option of bringing your horse or we can provide a horse from the Nevada herd.


- Schedule :8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

The times are given as an indication, there may be adjustments depending on the

participants and horses.


- Equipment :Each participant can come with the equipment he is used to using

with his horse, at least a halter and a lead rope in good condition.


-Price: €450 

• 400€ for 2 days of training payable to Leila Pages (meals and accommodation not included)

• 50€ for 2 days access to the facilities or provision of a horse for the duration of the course payable to Nevada Mountain Paddock

Any reservation is only validated upon receipt of the check for the entire course. This check

will only be cashed at the end of the course. You can also choose to book with the check and

pay in cash on the day of the course.


- Accommodation of the horse at night (to be paid on site):

• Paddock (12€ /day and per night)


- Terms of cancelation :

• Up to 1 month before the internship = 50% of the internship is due,

• Less than 30 days before the internship = 100% of the internship is due

• In the event of cancellation for compelling reasons (pandemic, border closures, etc.)

= 100% refund

WARNING: Leïla Pagès or the organizer will not be required to reimburse your personal expenses

engaged (horse transport, etc.)




• For courses lasting several days, it is not possible to participate in only one day

internship, participants must commit to the entire duration of the internship

• The course will be done entirely on foot.

• Plan your meals (possibility of making a Spanish inn – to do with the organizer)

• If you come with your horse, he must have a certain maturity in order to be able to take

at best its role as facilitator for its human. He must be at least 3 years old and must have

used to leaving home.

(A horse that is too young or a horse not accustomed to the unknown will not be available

for its rider over such a short period of time, and this may disturb the harmony of the

traineeship). Paddock and box available for your horses, to be discussed with the organizer

• If you don't have a horse or you can't travel with your horse, contact the organizer.



Before the course, you will receive private access to the film Sans Attache as well as to the webinar 

for a harmonious relationship with horses. These two teaching elements are

included in the price of the course, we ask each participant to view them before the

first day of the course so that we can fully experience the concepts with the

horses during the course.


Documents to provide :

• The completed registration form

• The reservation check payable to . .

• Copy of the equine owner civil liability (RCPE)

Training place :

The course will take place at: NEVADA MOUNTAIN PADDOCK, Cami Dels Banys, 66760 DORRES

Address:: Cami Dels Banys, 66760 DORRES

Registration with:


Housing options:

Several cottages are available in the village near the equestrian center to discover on the 



Course registrationsopen on 20/8/2022, auditors and participants must send their completed registration form to the following email:


Participants: 450 Euros

Places will be allocated in the order of applications received.

Your host will confirm if you have a place on the course and you will receive un  RIB shortly thereafter.

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-14 a les 17.51.40.png


The site is located in the village of Dorres (66760), a village known in the Pyrenees for its hot Roman baths. 

The village has several accommodation options in gites, we can organize your accommodation in its gites if you wish or you can search yourself on Airbnb, gites de France or the gites of the town hall on the site of the town hall of Dorres . 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help finding accommodation.

We will provide a meadow for you to put your tent, van, motorhome, etc. Access to the Dorres baths can be a good option for washing. 

Image de Spencer Davis


We will offer you meals and drinks on site if you wish. 


 Jour 1: Petit déjeuner + repas midi  + repas soir    45 euros

Jour 2: Petit déjeuner + repas midi         30 euros

Book and confirm 3 weeks before the course. 

There is no catering on site, there is a Carrefour supermarket 15 minutes from the site.


If you book a cottage with kitchen you can organize your own meals. 



If your horse is going to travel with you for the course, we offer a meadow paddock with access to water and hay at will. 

We have parking for your van or truck. 


12 euros per day per horse

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