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This project was born from the collaboration of Caroline BORRA ALEMANY and Quentin ROBERT-CORBIERES through their professions around horses and their personal experiences.

An equine veterinarian by training, Caroline specialized in equine dentistry in New Zealand where she also participated in the founding of a school of dentistry. During this training, she had the opportunity to work and travel in a country sensitive to the environment and to human and animal living conditions. This allowed him to observe a different vision of tourism based on ecology and attention to individuals.  

Before that, she worked in Canada for several months after her veterinary training on a ranch in the heart of the Rockies.  

Thanks to her travels and origins, she speaks 4 languages (Catalan, French, English and Spanish).  

A project like this is a godsend for Caroline, who is passionate about horses, nature, human relationships and a healthy lifestyle.  

The health and living conditions of horses and humans have become his profession and his vocation. Creating a place of rehabilitation and well-being for both horses and humans and sharing this philosophy of respect have become a need in his life.   

Quentin has taken several courses in tourism and horse riding. After working in various regions  - from Vercors to Cantal, via Roussillon-,  It is,  since 10  years, settled in Cerdagne where he worked in several equestrian centers with distinct profiles.

Sensitive to respect for the horse and nature in general, he wanted to make it his lifestyle. His goal now is to transmit this passion and this knowledge to as many people as possible through activities and experiences to be lived in a tailor-made setting.

Trained as a senior agricultural technician and equestrian guide-teacher  which allowed him to quickly gain experience in unique structures,  he can demonstrate a real knowledge of horse trades as well as accommodation in gîtes. Just as sensitive to animal welfare as his companion, Quentin has chosen to work with and in innovative structures in this field in order to be in accordance with his convictions but also to better understand the assets and constraints of the profession. He also traveled, in Ireland but especially in New Zealand where he immersed himself  atmosphere and lifestyle.

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